Let it rain! Rediscovering my passion for aromatherapy

Many of you don’t know this about me, but 18 years ago I studied aromatherapy at Nature Care College in Sydney.

Back then I was working in PR for a well known Australian skin care and cosmetic company and we were introducing an aromatherapy range.  That was when my affair with essential oils and natural therapies were born. And for a few years, I offered aromatherapy treatments and remedial massage after my work day had finished.

But then the corporate world beckoned again, and I received an offer to good to refuse, so I found myself relocating to Canberra. My new busy life didn’t allow me to follow my passion, and then after a while, it was a distant memory.

Twelve years later, I made a new friend. An aromatherapist whose passion for essential oils and healing resonated with something deep inside me. For the next 18 months, I started to rekindle my passion for aromatherapy, often finding myself working her stall at markets telling anyone who would listen how wonderful her hand-blended aromatherapy skin care and perfumes were.

To be honest, I think she got a little sick of me living my aromatherapy passions vicariously through her, because a few months ago she dragged me along to an aromatherapy workshop.

The first presentation was on how essential oils could reduce inflammation. I’d had a bad fall earlier in the week and had dislocated my elbow, and my knee was the size of a football. When the presenter started talking about inflammation, I rolled up the left leg of my jeans and said: “reckon you can do anything with this?”

His eyes lit up, and before I knew it my knee and elbow were being liberally doused with essential oils.

“Just let them soak in,” he said. I admit, I was a little sceptical, but what did I have to lose? The day went on, and the presentation was fascinating. At the end of the day I noticed that I was moving around a little easier, and when I pulled my jeans up to take a peak, the swelling had completely gone down, and the bruising had reduced. I was amazed.

I left that day and spent the next couple of weeks researching the company that had produced these oils. I learnt about therapeutic grade essential oils. I was blown away. Then I discovered  Raindrop Technique, an aromatherapy massage that can only be performed using the Young Living essential oils.

So, imagine the sensation of sinking into a deep and blissful state of rest, as someone does the ancient Tibetan version of reflexology on your feet. Then, as you slowly come back to your body and roll over, you experience the gentle splashes as therapeutic grade essential oils splashing up your spine and tired muscles. These oils are then “feathered in” using a spine-tingling technique inspired by the Native Americans, combined with massage.

I was hooked. So I went and did the training. And boy, oh boy! Not only is it bliss receiving this technique, it’s also bliss giving it!

Raindrop Technique derives its name from the art of dripping unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils onto the body from a height (like rain), so that the oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field. This was inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force.

So if you’d like to know more, come and have a chat with me about using Young Living Essential Oils to enhance your mind, body and spirit. Better still, come have a Raindrop treatment!

Follow the yellow brick road – my search for spiritual enlightenment

“Follow the yellow brick road..follow the yellow brick road.. follow..FOLLOW…follow…follow…follow the yellow brick road…”

My journey in search of spiritual enlightenment began at a young age. My first real experience of spirituality was when I made my Holy Communion. I can remember feeling a sense of belonging, so much so that I begged my parents to pull me out of public school and send me to Catholic school at the age of 9. Through my tween and early teen years, I was a devout church goer. And in my late teens I joined the Church youth group, but I soon began to become disillusioned with the Church, and stopped going.

In my early 20’s I felt something missing, so I joined the Charismatic movement of the Catholic Church. But that too was short-lived. Organised religion just wasn’t something that resonated with me.

I drifted for a few years, recommencing my search for spiritual enlightenment again in my 30’s, immersing myself in the world of the Goddess. As I had lost touch with the essence of me, I needed to reconnect with my inner-feminine. I studied the goddess archetypes, read their stories and tried to apply their teachings to my everyday life.

Each day, when confronted with life’s challenges, I would ask myself: “What would the Goddess do?” Now that’s a great question, but what I should have been asking myself is: “What would I do?” I realised that by asking what the goddess would do, I was still trying to be someone who I was not, and not embracing my inner-Michelle.

So that’s when I turned a page in my life, and began to live my life more consciously. I started to listen to myself, rather than everyone else; I began to rust my instincts. Everything in my life went under the microscope: my core values, my workaholic work ethic, my choice of friends, and even the values of those closest to me.

I found a life coach to work with who shared the same values as I did. She came at things from a spiritual perspective and challenged me in ways that at times made me squirm and want to crawl under my bed and stay there. She pushed me to my limits, helping me to discover my shadow-self – you know, that part of yourself that you deny or suppress because it makes you uncomfortable or afraid.

Before long, I started to study the chakras and ultimately the teachings of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. The more I read, the more I delved into learning about my shadow self.

Now we all have a shadow, and a confrontation with the shadow-self is essential for self-awarness. We can’t learn about ourselves if we don’t learn about our shadow, otherwise we end up attracting it, mirrored back at us by those around us.

An adage from the alchemists of ancient times says: As above, so below, as within, so without, so that the miracle of the one can be established. This means that what is within us is also outside of us, that inner-states of consciousness are reflected in our daily lives time and time again. However, if we are willing to look at the significance of these repeating patters, we will see the synchronicity  of the events and situations in our lives, and ultimately begin to become one with ourselves.

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Arrhythmia of the Soul ~ the day I noticed my Soul skipped a beat

Often we try to be the person others perceive, or even want us to be, rather than remaining true to ourselves. I spent many years aspiring to be the person who I thought others would accept and love, only to discover the ‘person’ was only a shell, and I didn’t know how to be her.

I was exhausted. It was only after I had a serious health scare that I threw caution to the wind and decided to get to know the real me. This is probably one of the most confrontational things I’ve ever done in my life; taking a good, long hard look at oneself isn’t a walk in the park.

I was a workaholic – I worked incredibly long hours, yet something was missing in my life. After years of defining myself as Michelle the marketing manager, I wondered who Michelle the human being was, and why I had abandoned her.

It was then that I realised that I had lost myself … and my Soul skipped a beat.

After I looked beyond the superficial and began to look deeper, I discovered a soulful woman; she had compassion, strength and a great sense of humour. I found that I began to draw people to me with whom I felt comfortable and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel like an outsider.

So the question is: How do we stop being who we aren’t?

How can we shed the mask of the people-pleaser, and the obsessive need for acceptance and love? And how do we escape from that corset of self-dout and negative self-talk that keeps us so inhibited?

Finding me wasn’t easy – in fact it was rather messy. I made mistakes, and experienced disappointments and failure. I read and researched, and engaged in endless conversations with my friends, even losing some along the way to betrayal and ignorance.

Perhaps one of the hardest lessons I had to learn was the fact that it is in many people’s best interest for you not to find yourself.

As I began to walk my spiritual pathI found some friends joined me, while others fell away – threatened by the unknown or unfamiliar, I couldn’t say. At first I was hurt and confused, wondering if I had done something to offend. But soon I realised that I had reached a fork in the road, and that I’d taken one direction, while some of my friends had taken the other.

Now in my search for love and acceptance, I had become the perpetual rescuer. Add this to my workaholic tendencies and I was displaying all the negative attributes of the solar plexus archetype – the servant; the diligent and dedicated worker who focuses closely on details, works quite thoroughly, and serves others well to their satisfaction.

I was also very good at giving my power away; when a friend got into trouble, or needed help, I would make them my responsibility. I would try to ease their path and make the hurt go away.

While it wasn’t wrong for me to show compassion and understanding, to was wrong for me to take over their lives and to treat them like victims. What I was doing wasn’t empowering them; rather it was doing quite the opposite.

I made some mistakes. But what I did learn is that you have to make mistakes to find out not only who you are, but who you are not.

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The art of extreme self care ~ recommitting to myself

I’ve been reflecting over the weekend about my New Year’s resolution to take better care of myself, and boy have I let myself down. People have been telling me all year that I look tired. And I’ve had consistent hayfever, sinus and I’ve picked up every little virus going around.

Simply, I haven’t been looking after myself. I’ve been running on adrenalin, and frankly I’m now running on empty.

Naughty Michelle, bad, bad, bad!

I decided it was time to turn things around and recommit to myself. So it came as no surprise to me that I found Cheryl Richardson‘s book The Art of Extreme Self Care. The book offers you 12 strategies to transform your life one month at a time, and is designed as a practical, action-oriented program, each chapter challenges you to alter one behavior that keeps getting you in trouble.

Michelle Chant & Cheryl Richardson ~ June 2010

I bought the book ~ and cards ~ on Hay House writers’ cruise in the Caribbean in June of 2010. I was lucky enough to meet Cheryl on that cruise, and this lady really does walk her talk.

So over the Easter break I’ve made some changes. Simple changes that won’t send me into a frenzy.

My first change was to have a relaxing bath every night, with candle light and music setting an ambient scene. After soaking and meditating for at least 20 minutes, I’ve been having a nice cup of herbal tea.

I’ve also looked at my health. I started with Dr Sandra Cabot’s liver check. I filled out the online questionnaire and received a personalised detox plan, including a shopping list. So I went out and restocked my fridge and pantry.

I’ve been taking long walks ~ which Trinity loves ~ and I’m making sure I meditate for at least 20 minutes a day.

So watch this space … and tell me, what are your tips for taking care of yourself?

Finding my inner-glow ~ discovering my auric field

From a young age, I’ve always been fascinated by auras. I’ve never been able to see them with the naked eye, but I believe they exist.

An aura can either be seen or felt. Often a psychic can tune into these auras so as to allow contact with the higher regions of the self. It can be ‘light’ that you see around somebody’s head or even just feeling and knowing the mood of someone else.

For example, opening up to share your problems with somebody whom you feel would be able to advise you, would show that you can perceive that they give off a caring aura. Another way to think about it would be as the atmosphere around our bodies.

Many years ago, I discovered that there were cameras that could capture a person’s aura – this really excited me, and I had my photo taken. I remember lots of orange and red being in my aura.

More recently though, I’ve been attending psychic and spiritual fairs so I can talk to people about Soul Coaching, Dreaming Circles and Chakradance, and each time I go, Jann Morgan is there with her aura camera.

My aura in October 2011

Last October I had a photo taken of my aura. It was incredible: lots of yellow and gold surrounding me, with a bit of white coming in from my left side (right side of the picture) with a touch of voilet in it. Green was also coming in through the left, and violet was around my throat area.

Now Jann tells me that the colour on my left side represents the future (so that would be the white, magenta and green) and is normally the vibration coming in to my being.

The colour seen over my head is what I experience for myself at that point in time, and it is the colour that best describes me.

The colour on my the right side is traditionally the energy being expressed. The vibrational frequency most likely seen or felt around me.

The colour on my right-hand side is a little muddy, and thinking back to what was going on in my life at that time, I’m not surprised. If you’re curious check out this post.

All the yellow to me is solar plexus chakra energy. The solar plexus has to do with our masculine energy – our sense of self-worth and self-empowerment. The white and magenta  represent my connection to spirit. And the green coming in to me is about healing, love and forgiveness energy.

Very cool.

So earlier this month, I was at the Queanbeyan Spiritual Fair and my stand was right next to Jann. My enthusiasm for the aura photographs was sending curious people to her.

My aura ~ March 2012

Mid-Sunday afternoon, I decided to have my aura taken again. Six months had passed, and I was curious to learn just how much my aura had changed.

Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! I am a rainbow: well almost.

Jann interpreted my aura and told me that spiritual evolution is in store for me. The violet is a mix of blue (unlimited knowledge) and red (activity. Therefore spiritual activity is in my aura. The violet brings unlimited knowledge. And I will encounter the rays of guide energies.

The colours over my head indicate a high degree of sensitive intimacy, in short perfect energy for manifesting!

And on my right side, I am expressing my healing energy.

Our Psychic Energy

Our Aura, is an energy field or it could also be called our life force. An aura can actually take two forms:

  1. Cosmic vibratory energy
  2. Specific aura surrounding each human body

This energy is everywhere in the universe, structuring and being a source of sustenance for all things.

Research has shown that the recognition of human aura dates back to decades ago. An example would be photos of Christian saints who are always shown with a golden halo around their head. This is not only rampantly shown in Christian drawings, but it also can be found in drawings inspired by other faiths, such as the Egyptians, Hindus, Buddhist, etc. Photos in the same context can still be found today.

So next time you see a someone taking pictures of auras, take the plunge!

Romance and burlesque at the Irish Club, oh my!

Magnifiscense Romance Pack ~ $29.95 ~ Pack contains Romance Mist, Romance Rose Petal Soap 3 Pack & Red Rose Petals

The lovely Ms. Jennine of Avalon Essences and I will be sharing a stall at the Burlesque Bazaar this Sunday at the Irish Club in Weston from 11am.

Come along to 5 hours of burlesque themed market stalls, performances, hour raffles, hair, pin-up photo booth, and make-up demonstrations.  Entry is $5 which gives you 5 Kitka Dollars to redeem at any stall when you spend over $20 in one transaction.

I’ll be showcasing the new range of Magnifiscense Mists, and something a little special for Valentines Day.

Romance is given a head start when you and your loved one are in the moment together leaving the world behind. This luscious blend is the perfect recipe for love and passion. Scatter the rose petals on your bed, generously mist the room and indulge yourselves in a rose petal bath and allow romance to lead the way.

So pop by and say hello to us.

Magpie magic

Australian Magpie | Totem by Ravenari

When I was at Summerhill Ranch back in 2009, I started to learn a little more about totem animals, and this got me thinking about Australian animals – after all, they’re kind of unique.

When I got back home, I did what every blogging gal would do, and I googled my butt off.

I came across an amazing artist ‘Ravenari’ – she has developed a full series of totem cards that are truly magical – if some publisher doesn’t sign her up, they’re nuts!

Anway, I’ve a lot of magpie energy around at the moment. I’ve developed a connection with a magpie which is jealously guarding its nest in the tree outside my back gate. Maggie comes to visit regularly, and serenades me with her songs. At times it feels as though she is trying to connect with me, so I thought I’d check Ravenari’s site to see just what messages a magpie totem brings.

Australian Magpie – Success

The Australian magpie is not actually related to the more well-known magpie of the Northern Hemisphere. The Australian magpie is closely related to currawongs and butcherbirds. There are many subspecies of Australian magpie, though almost all have sexually dimorphic black and white plumage. The magpie is omnivorous, and will take hand outs from humans; they become semi-tame quite easily. Magpies in Australia are known for their beautiful caroling call. Magpies are social creatures, and form complex familial flocks that have sophisticated interactions, usually consisting of one dominant male. They are smart birds, curious and inquisitive. They are also territorial and known for swooping humans and pets (and inanimate objects). Some parks will have signs erected during breeding seasons to discourage people from entering during swooping seasons, and rogue swooping magpies are caught and humanely euthanased.

Lessons and Challenges: The Australian magpie is a spiritual custodian of cultural rule and law. For those who wish to understand more about the spiritual laws of the land around them, Australian magpie is a positive and helpful spirit guide to petition. If Australian magpie is significant in your life at this point, your attention is being drawn to the rules and laws of the spirituality that you follow.

Australian magpie is a messenger guide, and its presence in your life (either repetitive presence in ‘real life,’ or alternatively through dreams or meditations) suggest that a higher power, spirit or deity of some kind is trying to get through to you. Sometimes paying attention to the messenger is a good way to open yourself up to the greater message. Magpie represents success. It is a successful hunter, it is successful at maintaining its territory, and it is a successful maintainer of its family unit and environment.

All elements of success are the domain of Australian magpie, which can help to erode negative attitudes or a reluctance to embrace success in those who are frightened of it. In those who wish to invite success into their lives, consider meditating on the triumphant energy of the caroling magpie. Magpie can facilitate the making of new friends, though there is a warning to also beware of gossip in current social circles.

Magpie has a gregarious, welcoming energy in many instances, and can help you to connect with others. Australian magpie is a very positive guide for those who wish for more success in monetary or business endeavours. It is an active guide that can provide the dynamic energy necessary to kickstart projects, and also has a discipline that it can teach you in order to see those projects through. There is an element of home protection when Australian magpie is present. It is important to feel secure wherever you live. This may involve investing in an alarm system, living in a safe neighbourhood, or simply making sure that you feel safe emotionally in the place that you call home. Watch out for attack. Be careful of attacking people behind their back, or alternatively, watch out for those who are doing the same to you.

Australian magpie is well known for its territorial swooping behaviours, and as a guide this can translate to the presence of random attack or unexpected aggressive behaviour from others. With magpie, there is an emphasis on paying attention to the beauty of song. At this time, vocal song may be particularly healing / nourishing for you. Listen to songs that feature vocal work, particularly choral arrangements. Alternatively, try singing yourself in celebration of those things that you hold dear. You may feel silly doing it, but it can be empowering to raise your voice in acknowledgement of everything that you have been gifted with, in your life.

The Shadow Aspects: Those who resent or fear magpie, often have problems with authority and cultural rule and law. They may be people who have been in trouble with the law, or simply dislike those who have positions of authority. In some circumstances this mistrust is appropriate, but the shadow aspect of magpie tells us that our fears are often inappropriate and that our opinions and speed with which we condemn others might be more harmful than healthful. If we continue to hold onto such prejudice, we become as biased and hurtful as the people we profess to condemn. The shadow aspect of magpie confronts our fear of being attacked. We may have problems sleeping alone at night, because we fear being attacked. We may avoid darkened streets. We may completely avoid parks if we see magpies. We may avoid confrontations between friends, even though a fight may actually clear the air. As with many spiritual lessons, the more we attempt to avoid something because of irrational fear, the more we attract it to us. Confront your fear of being attacked with the aid of magpie, otherwise you may become so focused on it happening, that it actually happens!

Communion: Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Magpie has a fierce, impatient, but also gregarious energy. It can be a very stern guide and totem when it needs to be, but the majority of the time its role as law custodian and protector of the smaller and family-based communities, means that it is a loyal, effective and strong animal guide to have by your side. It’s also quite an extroverted, accessible guide. It is more vocal and clear than some of the other animals, it can be found quite easily in Australia, and often finds people in Australia when it wants their attention. On a side note, this guide is not afraid to spiritually ‘swoop’ you to get your attention if you become lazy when you’re working with it.

What do you want to know about marketing?

Many of you have heard me say I’m a walking contradiction … corporate gal by day, and hippy chick by night. And that’s true.

While my passion is working in my coaching practice, I’ve also been working in the marketing,communication and media field now for, or let’s say around …. ummmm …. 27 years now (now I’m really showing my age).

With more than 20 years experience providing high-level strategic communications planning, project management and evaluation services for government and the private sector, I specialise in designing and implementing high-profile marketing communication strategies, managing major public education campaigns, stakeholder engagement, issues management, public relations and branding.

For the past 10 years I have been employed in communications positions in several Australian Government at a senior level. Prior to this I worked in various marketing and communication roles for blue-chip companies. For years I have been providing advice to spiritual and wellness practitioners on how to promote and build their practice or business. Two years ago, I wrote and delivered a nationally accredited Certificate IV qualification in marketing for small business.

Most recently, I have been the marketing and business mentor for internationally acclaimed healer and author Denise Linn’s Gateway Dreaming Professional Certification program. I’ve provided tips and hints from how to set up a business blog, to social media etiquette, and becoming your own brand.

I’ve taken the next couple of weeks off work to concentrate on finishing my first eBook and coaching program on marketing for spiritual and wellness practitioners. And to make sure I cover everything you want to know, just leave a message in the comments and let me know what topics you’d like to see me cover.



A weekend of blessings and miracles

When each day is sacred
when each hour is sacred
when each instant is sacred
earth and you
space and you
bearing and sacred through time
you’ll reach the fields of light.

~ Guillevic

I was in Sydney over the weekend with some friends to attend Hay House’s I CAN DO IT conference.

What a weekend ~ this amazing conference energized my mind, body, and spirit!

Best-selling author Louise Hay opened this extraordinary weekend with her simple messages about affirmations and how to use the power of your thoughts to heal your life.

Marianne Williamson discussed with us spiritual lessons to help you surrender your weight forever. These lessons form a holistic paradigm for weight loss, addressing the spiritual, emotional, and psychological elements involved in what Williamson refers to as “conscious weight loss.” Her lecture addressed the true causal root of our weight-loss issues: a place within you where you have forgotten your divine perfection. This forgetfulness has confused not only your mind but also your body, making you reach for that which cannot sustain you . . . and reject that which does. As your mind reclaims its spiritual intelligence, your body will reclaim its natural intelligence as well. As Williamson writes: “When it comes to your enjoyment of eating, your best days are not behind you but ahead of you!” So get ready to begin a new relationship with food . . . and with yourself.

Dr Robert Holden gave us a front-row seat on his eight-week happiness program—How to Release the Power of Happiness in YOU! Step-by-step, he introduced us to a set of proven principles and techniques that will help us to enjoy more happiness now. He was so entertaining and loads of fun … and funnily enough, we laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Good job Robert!

For the first time in Australia, Deepak Chopra presented the latest, cutting edge information on three areas that he believes will enhance our lives. The most technical and scientific of all the presentations, Deepak addressed the questions that many of us have been pondering, such as, is there an ultimate reality? Do we have the ability to influence the future evolution of the cosmos? How does our understanding of consciousness also enhance our capacity for total well being? and many more. Deepak also led us in some meditations to discover how we can access practical ways to experience higher consciousness and transform our wellbeing.

Doreen Virtue connected us with the archangels to help us all to live healthier and happier lives. She guided us through a powerful healing process and gave angel readings to members of the audience. The day before her presentation I was lucky enough to meet Doreen. She told me I smelt angelic and asked what perfume I was wearing. I shared with her that a close friend in Canberra made the blend called Amber and that I wasn’t sure what the blend was. She loved it so much, that she wanted to buy some, but without the gorgeous Jennine Hubber close by, I couldn’t quite pull that one off. So I just gifted her my bottle of Amber. If you’d like to experience the fragrance which enchanted Doreen Virtue so much, visit the Avalon Essences website. My personal favourite blend is Avalon.

I’d never heard of medium and author of The Spirit Whisperer: Messages from the Other Side, John Holland. But boy did this guy take the stage by storm! In his amazing lecture, he talked about his journey to become a world-class medium. He was engaging and very entertaining. John delivered messages from deceased loved ones to lucky members in the audience, and showed us how to discover our innate intuitive abilities and fine-tune our connection to the other side.

Finally one of my favourite people in the world, my mentor, and I’d like to say my friend – Denise Linn was speaking. I count myself blessed that I had some time to chat with this amazing woman and catch up.

Denise was the final speaker and she talked about how our past incarnations are affecting your current life. She guided us in a live regression to release deeply rooted blockages at their source and to release karma that we have received from our parents, ancestral family and past incarnations. I was transported back to the late 1700’s where I found myself  in a wig and corsets and rouged cheeks. As I looked down I saw dainty shoes on a beautiful marble floor, memories came flooding back to me. I was a lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, I was also one of King Louis XVI’s mistresses … but that’s a whole new story altogether, so stay tuned!

Out and about

I’ve been out and about this past month, spruiking my services, peddling my wares, and doing readings!

On 18-19 June, you would have found me huddled behind a table at the psychic fair at the Burns Club doing mini-Soul Oracle readings. Now I’m not a psychic or a medium, I’m a Soul Coach. I work on the premise that you have the answers within you. It really is an empowering experience – learning the meaning of each card, and then interpretting it to fit with your life.

I had a lot of fun meeting new people, and doing lots of readings.

The following weekend I set up a table at the Southside Winter Fair at the Weston Creek Community Centre.  Once again I was doing readings and talking to people about Soul Coaching and Dream Workshops. But what a treat to spend the day my good friends.

Here I am with the amazing Rowan Element who is quite a talented psychic, and amazing creatrix of powerful wands!