Good vibrations ~ managing stress through Reiki

Energy healing is all about vibrations. Through touch and distant touch, a healer aims to restore the natural healing process by manipulating, channeling and balancing the energy fields around the body.

There are many energy healing practices, including Reiki.

How Reiki Can Help With Stress

The healing powers of Reiki are extremely profound and they work on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki is extremely effective for physical issues but it is also just as effective for emotional issues such as stress. This is because it heals you on the emotional level, teaching you how to relax. Reiki treatments also completely relax you, and it is this utter relaxation that helps to reduce and eliminate stress from your life.

Reiki also helps to heal the past emotional traumas that you have suffered and have repressed. This is important as these traumas have a negative effect on you, preventing your self development and making you feel as if you cannot be yourself. Once these traumas are healed and you feel as though you can be yourself again, you will become much better able to cope with the situations around you, thus reducing your stress. Essentially you will be able to see the bigger picture and realise that the things that you thought mattered really didn’t matter at all. Reiki will also help you to stay away from situations that can be harmful to you, which are generally stressful situations by nature.