Crown Chakra

The crown chakra relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.
The crown chakra represents the underlying conscicousness that is the basic operating principle in all of the chakras. Only consciousness is capable of seeing, speaking, loving, doing, feeling, and living. In our work in the seventh chakra we seek to free that consciousness from its usual distrations to experience its own limitless nature. This is the ecstaatic culmination of the liberating current in its final goal of ultimate freedom(mukti). This is the seat of enlightenment and the ultimate source of awakening.
Yogis spend their lives in practices designed to achieve this state of ultimate freedom, although there are few who achieve full enlightenment. Yet, we all have some enlightening moments, those little ‘ahas’ of realisation that give us a small taste of liberation. For most of us, it is only a glimpse from which consciousness then descends back into manifestation. But from this awakening the sweet nectar of divine wisdom condenses into ever firmer realities, step by step, extending downward through each of the chakras. Like raindrops collecting into pools, the chakras condense consciousness into the various qualities of manifestation, both within and around us. In Sanskrit these ualities are called tattvas, represented by elements we have been balancing in the lower chakras.
Manifestation begins in consciousness with an initial conception. You first conceive of an idea, then daydream about it by creating pictures or blueprints (chakra six), talk about it to others (chakra five), bring it into relationship (chakra four), give it energy (chakra three), achieve connection (chakra two), and finally manifest it on the physical plane (chakra one). If you want to see what divine consciousness looks like, you need only look around you to see the hidden signature of creation in the natural world. To see the manifestation of your personal consciousness, just look at your immediate surroundings. As you remove blocks and distractions from your consciousness, through healing old wounds and focusing the mind in meditation, the field around you will gradually become ordered and spacious.
Consciousness is the operating force in each of the chakras.
Sanskrit Name:  Sahasrara
Meaning: Thousandfold
Location: Top of head
Body Parts: Brain, central nervous system
Glands: Pituitary
Function: Higher consciousness, understanding, belief systems
Element: Thought
Colour: Violet
Balanced Characteristics: Ability to perceive, analyse, and assimilate information, Spiritual connection, wisdom, open-minded (able to question), intelligent
Deficiency: Spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, rigid belief systems, excess in lower chakras (materialism, greed, domination of others)
Excess: Spiritual addiction, dissociation from body, confusion, over-intellectualisation
Physical Malfunctions: Migraines, amnesia, brain tumors, coma
Healing Strategy: Meditation, psychotherapy (examine belief systems)
Key Words: Higher consciousness, awareness, non-ordinary reality, universe, infinity, transcendence, soul, meaning, inspiration, knowing, meaning, divinity
  • I am guided by my higher power and higher wisdom
  • I am awakened
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