Gateway Dreaming®

The purpose of this 12-week course is to deepen your ability to reach into the vast and mysterious realm of your dreams to gain answers to your deepest questions and to assist you in the journey to self-awareness.

About the 12 week Gateway Dreaming™ Program

The Gateway Dreaming program will give you the tools needed to help you discern your inner-messages that come through your nightly dreams. The deeper intent is to provide information and experiences that will allow you to discern your own internal answers, which aren’t necessarily found in anyone’s teachings, but are woven in the depths of your Soul.

In this 12-week coaching program you will:

  • Learn what dreams are (from the viewpoints of scientists, psychologists, shamans and mystics)
  • Understand how to recall dreams
  • Discover what you can use to aid the dream state, such as special stones, essential oils, herbs, bells and symbols
  • Gateway Dreaming CirclesLearn feng shui and space-clearing secrets to promote dreaming
  • Develop the skill of astral travel and lucid dreaming
  • Use dreams to connect with your angels, animal totems, and master guides
  • Connect with loved ones who have passed on
  • Have prophetic dreams and know if your dream is a ‘true seeing’
  • Gain mystical messages
  • Activate special talents and abilities
  • Use your dreams to overcome fears and phobias
  • Active your Dream Shield and meet your Dream guide
  • Learn sacred dream ceremonies
  • Learn the most common dreams and their meanings
  • Bell clearing techniques for deepening dreams
  • Become a night healer

Energy Exchange: AU$595

Includes 12 group sessions | daily online support | 100+ page manual | daily exercises and meditations |PLUS Gateway Dreaming by Denise Linn.