Explore Your Dreams | 4 week program

Did you know that we spend one third of our lives sleeping, and that can equate to around 6 years of dreaming. However, we often say that we don’t remember the dreams, or some even say that they don’t dream at all!

Would you like to remember your dreams, understand the meaning of your dream and how you can make use of the dream in daily life? Did you know that you can program your dreams, so that you can connect with loved ones in spirit, find out about your past lives or find out how to resolve issues that are affecting your waking life?

Join Michelle for a four weekly group sessions where you will discover all of this – and much more!

In each session, Michelle will guide and teach you ways to help you remember your dreams, make adjustments in your bedroom that will enhance your dreaming, learn how to record your dreams and understand their meanings, and ways to program your dreams to help you in waking life! You will also be part of a sacred and intimate egroup – where you will be able to share you nightly adventures with other like minded dreamers!

Week One – Discovering all about dreaming, and techniques and methods to remember and enhance your nightly dreams

Week Two – Learn how to program your dreams for different adventures and experiences

Week Three – Learn how to interpret your dreams and create your own dreaming dictionary

Week Four – Discover how to integrate the information from your dreams into your daily waking life!

Maximum group size is four participants.

Time : 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Venue : Erindale Business Park  

Energy Exchange : $99

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