Frequently Asked Questions ~ Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique®

What is Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique?

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique ~ or EECT ~ is a gentle yet powerful modality uses therapeutic grade essential oils and other energy-balancing techniques to promote a deep and sacred state of connection. The experience is often like an inner-vision question, or a heightened state of meditation and mental clarity.

Based on an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of isis for ‘cleansing the flesh and blood’, EECT is performed in silence and reverence.

During the session, you are anointed  with up to 14 different emotional blends of essential oil.

There is no ‘set’ response when you receive an EECT. Each time the technique is received, the experiences will be different. The most common outcomes to this technique are an intense state of clarity around current issues, the gentle release of issues that are causing emotional and physical challenges, deep relaxation, and feelings of emotional bliss and heightened awareness.

How does it work?

Your sense of smell accesses the limibic region of your brain, where emotional memories and trauma are stored. Because of their aroma, therapeutic-grade essential oils exert a powerful balancing effect on the emotions, helping to release ‘stuck’ emotional energy, and pave the way for clarity, insight and emotional peace.

How long does the session go for?

A full EECT (including discussion of your personal health history, and exploration of your emotional life’s journey and goals) can take 2 to 2.5 hours.

Why do I need to remove my jewellery?

Because of the ability for metal to interfere with the subtle energy flow of the body, it is advisable to remove all jewellery before your session.

What should I wear?

You will be invited to remove your outer-clothing for the session, and will wear a sarong and be covered with towels.

How should I prepare?

For best results, it is recommended that you fast for 4-6 hours prior to your session, consuming only water and unsweetened vegetable and fruit juices (unless you have a health condition that requires regular eating). Avoidance of tobacco over this fasting period is also recommended.

Please bring a photograph or memento that represents someone you are close to (living or in Spirit, human or animal), whose presence you would like to have with you during your session as your second guide.

How often can I receive EECT?

If you are going through a challenging time, you will appreciate the emotionally balancing effects of EECT. Weekly sessions are recommended during these stressful periods, or during times of conscious transformation and personal growth. For ongoing nurturing and support, fortnightly to montly session are recommended.

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