Frequently Asked Questions ~ Raindrop Technique®

How long does the session go for?

Typically a Raindrop Technique session will go between 60-90 minutes. Add an additional 30 minutes if its your first visit, as I will need to conduct an allergy test to make sure you don’t react to any of the oils I will be using.

Why do I need to take my jewellery off?

Many people report sensations of ‘energy’ running through their body during Raindrop Technique. This is because Raindrop Technique re-establishes the body’s natural flow of inner-energy, often called ‘chi’. Metal can affect the flow of this current, so please remove all jewellery before your session (if it is eaily removable).

Showering after Raindrop Technique

It is preferable to shower before your session, so that you can leave the Raindrop Technique oils on your skin for as long as possible after your session.

Communicate your experiences

Everyone responds differently to Raindrop Technique, and whilst most people float out the door afterwards feeling balanced and deeply relaxed, some people may experience discomfort during or after a session. This is the case with any form of body work. It is important that you communicate your experiences to me as I may be able to assist, or offer helpful suggestions. For example, some of the essential oils used in Raindrop Technique may be warming to the skin. These are skin-tested for possible sensitivity first, to minimise any likelihood of discomfort. However, if you do experience any prickling or heat on your skin from the oils, I will be ale to easily cool the area down using a vegetable carrier oil … but you need to tell me!

Top Quality Essential Oils

Raindrop Technique is performed using only 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living, that are guaraneed to be free of any and all chemical adultrtion. We choose these oils because you deserve the best!

How often can I receive Raindrop Technique?

An ideal protocol is to receive weekly sessions for the first 2 months, then fortnightly sessions for the next 2 months, then monthly session on an ongoing basis. There may be times you feel you need a Raindrop Technique more regularly than this, especicially if you’re going through a challenging time. Listen to your body.


In our modern world, it is impossible to avoid chemical exposure. Artificial chemicals are in our food, in the animals we eat, in our water, and in our cosmetics and personal care products. Many of these chemical are absorbed straight through the skin and some may build up in the body, paving the way for dis-ease.  Because of the penetrating abilities of essential oils, it’s possible during your first few Raindrop Techniques to experience a mild to moderate ‘detox’ response if you either have an overload of toxins in your body, or if your body’s channels of elimination are not working optimally (urine, bowels, breath, skin).

What is detox a sign of?

Detox symptoms simply mean that toxins are being pulled out of the cells, but are not being eliminated quickly enough from the body. Detox symptoms may include: tiredness headaches, thirst, strong smelling stools or urine, mood swings and skin rashes.

Helping to reduce detox symptoms

There are a variety of ways that you can minimise the likelihood of any detox discomfort. It is recommended that you drink plenty of filtered water before and after your Raindrop Technique session. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and milk don’t count.

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