Let it rain! Rediscovering my passion for aromatherapy

Many of you don’t know this about me, but 18 years ago I studied aromatherapy at Nature Care College in Sydney.

Back then I was working in PR for a well known Australian skin care and cosmetic company and we were introducing an aromatherapy range.  That was when my affair with essential oils and natural therapies were born. And for a few years, I offered aromatherapy treatments and remedial massage after my work day had finished.

But then the corporate world beckoned again, and I received an offer to good to refuse, so I found myself relocating to Canberra. My new busy life didn’t allow me to follow my passion, and then after a while, it was a distant memory.

Twelve years later, I made a new friend. An aromatherapist whose passion for essential oils and healing resonated with something deep inside me. For the next 18 months, I started to rekindle my passion for aromatherapy, often finding myself working her stall at markets telling anyone who would listen how wonderful her hand-blended aromatherapy skin care and perfumes were.

To be honest, I think she got a little sick of me living my aromatherapy passions vicariously through her, because a few months ago she dragged me along to an aromatherapy workshop.

The first presentation was on how essential oils could reduce inflammation. I’d had a bad fall earlier in the week and had dislocated my elbow, and my knee was the size of a football. When the presenter started talking about inflammation, I rolled up the left leg of my jeans and said: “reckon you can do anything with this?”

His eyes lit up, and before I knew it my knee and elbow were being liberally doused with essential oils.

“Just let them soak in,” he said. I admit, I was a little sceptical, but what did I have to lose? The day went on, and the presentation was fascinating. At the end of the day I noticed that I was moving around a little easier, and when I pulled my jeans up to take a peak, the swelling had completely gone down, and the bruising had reduced. I was amazed.

I left that day and spent the next couple of weeks researching the company that had produced these oils. I learnt about therapeutic grade essential oils. I was blown away. Then I discovered  Raindrop Technique, an aromatherapy massage that can only be performed using the Young Living essential oils.

So, imagine the sensation of sinking into a deep and blissful state of rest, as someone does the ancient Tibetan version of reflexology on your feet. Then, as you slowly come back to your body and roll over, you experience the gentle splashes as therapeutic grade essential oils splashing up your spine and tired muscles. These oils are then “feathered in” using a spine-tingling technique inspired by the Native Americans, combined with massage.

I was hooked. So I went and did the training. And boy, oh boy! Not only is it bliss receiving this technique, it’s also bliss giving it!

Raindrop Technique derives its name from the art of dripping unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils onto the body from a height (like rain), so that the oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field. This was inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force.

So if you’d like to know more, come and have a chat with me about using Young Living Essential Oils to enhance your mind, body and spirit. Better still, come have a Raindrop treatment!

About Michelle

A Soul Coach and healer, Michelle is a sought-after speaker and consultant.

She is passionate about her Soul Coaching® practice where she helps burnt-out executives who have lost themselves to rediscover their passion for their lives.

Michelle serves as a mentor for Denise Linn's current on-line professional training courses, "Gateway Dreaming," and "Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification" program with Hay House.

Michelle was a contributing author in the award-winning spiritual anthology, Soul Whispers II (Soul Wings Press, Sydney), which was published in October 2010.

With a rich and varied background in the healing arts, marketing, public speaking and writing, Michelle is also a Chakradance™ practitioner (a dynamic, moving meditation to balance and harmonise the chakras.

Michelle runs a successful private practice using these tools to help people "rediscover the sacredness of their lives."


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