Past Life Regression Journey

If you experience blocks or repeated patterns of behaviour that you can’t understand, and have failed to find the source based on your current history including childhood experiences, a past life regression may help to release your blocks.

Based on documented cases, by noted psychiatrists and psychotherapists, it has been suggested that the answers may not even lie in this lifetime but in a past life that your soul has experienced.

In a Past Life Journey, I guide you into a relaxed state that allows you to see what role your soul may have assumed in a past life or lives, the underlying premise being the concept that we are immortal and infinite souls who reincarnate or take form in this world in order to gain experience and wisdom, adding to the collective consciousness that informs us all.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, or choose to interpret your past life experience as literal or “just your imagination” doesn’t matter!

It is ultimately the message or insight that you bring back with you from that journey that can inform and guide you in the present if you are willing to be open to it.

Just being aware of something you have experienced in a past life can be enough to trigger great changes in this life.

Even more remarkably, we may have the option of “going back in” to the past life scenario and changing outcomes, helping to re-write your “history” and therefore change your beliefs about yourself, for a more positive future.

Each session goes for approximately 2-hours, and costs $160.