Soul Coaching® Spiritual Development Circle

Please join us for this ultimate inner and outer clutter clearing program that will transform your life forever! Every day—for 28 days—you’ll be given different exercises, as well as a weekly podcast, meditation for the day to totally renew and recreate your life. This program will profoundly rejuvenate your life!

To achieve your dreams, you must first believe in your dreams. But how can you truly believe when you doubt it can really happen? In this powerful 28 day program, you learn how to overcome all your doubts and blockages to activate the secret of miracles.

Join Michelle as you clear away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom and live a life that truly excites and inspires you.

Over the course of the program, Michelle covers four distinct sections, each of which is dedicated to one of the four elements:

  • Days 1-7: we use the element of Air to work with our Intellectual Self – clearing mental and physical clutter, assessing where you are, versus where you want to be, empowering actions, aligning your life with your core values, and exploring your Soul mission.
  • Days 8-14: we use the properties of Water to explore our Emotional Self – deep cathartic work to release victim-thinking, exploring energy levels, assessing relationshings, reframing life experiences, and being in gratitude.
  • Days 15-21: we use the element of Fire to work with our Spiritual Self – taking action, facing our shadow self, awakening your creative spirit, being present and being in abundance.
  • Days 22-28: we use the element of Earth, we work with our Physical Self – connecting with your body, physical detox, awakening the natural forces within you, creating sacred spaces.

By clearing and activating the elements within (through the exercises Michelle teaches you) and clearing inner blockages, you can soar into your future with verve and delight!

The program includes a 100+ page workbook, and 6 x 2-hour groups sessions and 28 individual mp3s—one to play each day for the entire program. (Retail Value: $50) In each mp3, we talk about the lesson for the week ahead and lead you on a special guided meditation to help you stay on track. (Each powerful mp3 is about ten minutes long.)

The next circle starts on Wednesday 30 October 2014 from 7.00-9.00pm.