Soul Journey

Connect with your inner-wisdom through a Soul Journey. This divinely guided session is designed to clear blockages and restore balance by facilitating access to a deep connection with your inner-wisdom. Meet your spirit guide, or an ancient wise one with a message for you. This session will leave you feeling inspired!

The purpose of the session is to connect you with your own inner-wisdom – to help you rediscover your inner-wise self.

We start off by having a chat about where you are in your life at the moment. Then we do a Soul Oracle reading to receive messages from your angels, the earth, your master guide and your ancestors.

Then we move into the Soul Journey. A Soul Journey is similar to a guided meditation except that it is interactive and goes much deeper.

You set the intention for what guidance you are seeking, and then I guide you safely into a meditative state and coach you through the entire journey with gentle questions to assist you in finding your own answers and insights.

In a soul journey you can seek a message from a spirit guide or meet a “wise one” that has advice for you, you can examine your relationships with other people or a particular situation that is concerning you, you can even try on different personas to discover what you are called to do or be or find out what you really want but are afraid to admit.

It is a relaxed and safe process intended to help you access your own inner wisdom on anything you choose.

All of this takes place in a tranquil environment that has been created with care to be a beautiful, safe and sacred space, an environment where you are free from the distractions of your everyday life.

Whatever focus you choose for your journey in consultation with me you will feel nurtured and accepted for who you are and of course, all such work is completely confidential.

Each session goes for approximately 2-hours, and costs $160.