The spiritual power of dance

Chakradance is a dynamic, moving meditation which balances the chakras and awakens the Soul.

Article by Keti Sharif.

Dance can be a ritual, a means of celebration, and a form of entertainment, but it can also be something more. In fact, dance is a mode of human expression that harnesses the secrets of the universe.

Dance is an ancient art form that has the power to express deep human truth. It is a form of self expression that can connect you to the deeper patterns of the universe, and allow you to transcend your daily limitations.

Moving to rhythms

In primitive cultures, the links between heaven and earth, spirit and matter, or human and god nature were understood and celebrated through ritual, song and movement. Movement was created in response to rhythms, which in turn mimicked the rhythms of life. Dances would celebrate the cyclic nature of birth, planetary regeneration, the lunar phases, the female menstrual cycle, and the seasons.

Dance, in its primal state, bypasses mental analysis and translates a type of elemental knowledge universal knowledge directly through the body. The same could be said about music, which in its essence is almost unconsciously drawn from the musician with guidance that cannot be explained in terms of literal study or dissemination of learnt material. It’s sometimes called inspired, but where does it really come from?

In dance, one of history’s oldest modes of communicating with divinity and nature, the body becomes a vehicle for universal knowledge through music. The two are inextricably linked. When the two parts become one, the expression is complete.

When music is expressed as a dance, whether performed for others or just for self, a message is transposed from the divine inspiration to the vibrational mode of music to physical understanding through the body. As simple as it seems, this process of dancing to music harnesses various cosmological elements within its process. There is a clarity or awareness realised through the act of dancing itself. Inspiration and instinct often guide both music and dance.

The impact of dance

Dance, and the music that inspires it, creates both physical and psychological effects. According to sound engineer David Gibson in his book The Art of Mixing, drums are primal and instant in their effect, with a core range of tempos from 60 to 180 beats per minute (bpm) that affects your physiology. Your entire endocrine system noticeably speeds up simply by listening to 130bpm, whereas 60bpm is pacifying and often used in hypnosis.

When you dance, you are creating a music-melody-movement response to the various instruments played. You are tuning your body movement with sound wavelength and frequencies. According to Gibson, instruments tend to be played at the body area that harnesses these frequencies. Drums operate at a frequency of approximately 50MHz, which resonates with the pelvic area in humans. Flutes are pitched at almost 4000MHz and resonate with the head area in humans.

This explains why African warriors dance in low, grounded, aggressive movements to earthy drums, while the Sufi dervishes spin to flutes for enlightenment. Fiery guitars sit in the mid-body area, with qualities matching the solar plexus’ characteristics of pride and courage, apparent in Spanish flamenco. The emotive heart area tunes into higher frequency again, so instruments such as accordion and violins create music that engages feeling and ‘pulls the heartstrings’.

In dance, you are tuning into cosmological principles. As you dance, the tempo of the rhythm, the emotive frequency of the music and melody are demonstrated through the organic body-mechanics of dance. Dance becomes the art of representing music. You fall into fractal patterning and ‘know’ instinctivelytht when a drum pattern emerges you step and rock into it.

Bellydancing is particularly responsive to these energies. So are many other Eastern styles: the zaar dancers, for example, instinctively ‘swing’ and shake their bodies into a moving meditation based on the rhythm of the music. Then there are Sufi dervishes who step and whirl in response to music that takes them to psychological nirvana.

Moving wisdom

When you discover the power and the energy that resides within you, it is like coming home. Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self; for your soul.

Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. A healing dance/movement practice that draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, Chakradance aims to restore health to our chakras – the energy centres that, in Eastern tradition, are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit.

My invitation is for you to find what thousands of others have found – the unravelling of blocked energy, a deepened connection to your true, authentic self, and the feeling of coming home.

In a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, we move with our eyes closed, and our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance is about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

The experience is like a waking dream – we dance up forgotten parts of ourselves, and release the memories stored in our muscles. Our aches and pains reveal their stories and our hidden fears unmask themselves. The experiences are deeply personal and reflect our own nature and history, yet at the same time we tap into the collective heights and depths of human experience.

Drawing on the wisdom of Jungian Psychology, Chakradance is a dance for healing and self-discovery. Each dance gives rise to different insights and feelings… and we use the creation of personal ‘mandala art’ as a way of anchoring our experiences back into our conscious world. Each dance leads us closer to the person we are truly meant to be.

Join me at my next Chakradance workshop, or if you’re not in Canberra, find a Chakradance practitioner in your area.

About Michelle

A Soul Coach and healer, Michelle is a sought-after speaker and consultant.

She is passionate about her Soul Coaching® practice where she helps burnt-out executives who have lost themselves to rediscover their passion for their lives.

Michelle serves as a mentor for Denise Linn's current on-line professional training courses, "Gateway Dreaming," and "Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification" program with Hay House.

Michelle was a contributing author in the award-winning spiritual anthology, Soul Whispers II (Soul Wings Press, Sydney), which was published in October 2010.

With a rich and varied background in the healing arts, marketing, public speaking and writing, Michelle is also a Chakradance™ practitioner (a dynamic, moving meditation to balance and harmonise the chakras.

Michelle runs a successful private practice using these tools to help people "rediscover the sacredness of their lives."


  1. This sounds fantastic and your article is very informative. It is amazing how powerful dance can be. I know this to be true in my own life and work. Thank you for sharing this post on Facebook in Denise’s class! Glad I followed the link.

    • Thanks Stefanie! I love dance, and combining it with the work of the Soul is very powerful. We’ve got a Chrakradance facilitator in California now, and I know Natalie is looking for other facilitators in the US. If you’re interested, or know someone who is, here’s the link to the facilitator training

      I hope you’re enjoying the Oracle program ~ the energy of the group is incredible!

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