Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is known as the third eye chakra. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us “see the big picture.”

After refining your energy body through the purification of sound in the fifth chakra, the journey moves deeper into your inner world. Anodea Judith guides us to our sixth chakra, the centre of illumination, the gateway to wisdom, and the luminescent source of the light within.

To enter this chakra is to discover a world of indescribable beauty. It is to seek the light of consciousness and learn how to focus that light in order to see clearly. This is the homeland of intuition, dreams and visions.

The sixth chakra is often called the third eye, an etheric organ of consciousness that lies directly behind and between your two physical eyes. The third eye is capable of seeing beyond the density of the physical world into the subtler realms of energy and spirit. Only be training your consciousness to be focused and directed can you harness the immense gifts of this visionary centre.

Shiva, one of the principle Hindu gods, is sometimes depicted with a thunderbolt emanating from his third eye for the purpose of destroying illusion. As you learn to focus your attention, you have a means to free yourself from illusion and begin to perceive the ultimate nature of reality.

The name of this chakra, ajina, means both to perceive and to command. To perceive is to see or recognise a pattern. To command is to hold a picture in your mind as a guiding template for manifestation. It is important to be conscious of these internal pictures so that you create from clarity and intention rather than illusion.

The sixth chakra is about seeing in the deepest sense.

Sanskrit Name:  Ajna
Meaning: To perceive and to command
Location: Between eyebrows
Body Parts: Eyes
Glands: Pineal
Function: Intuition, imagination, vision
Element: Light
Colour: Indigo
Balanced Characteristics: Intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, able to visualise, able to access and remember dreams, able to think symbolically
Deficiency: Poor memory, lack of imagination, difficulty visualising, can’t remember dreams, denial (can’t see what is going on), difficulty seeing future or imainging alternatives.
Excess: Hallucinations, delusions, obsessions, difficulty concentrating, nightmares
Physical Malfunctions: Headaches, vision problems
Healing Strategy: Guided visualisations, dreamwork, creating visual art, meditation, colour and art therapy
Key Words: Imagination, insight, timelessness, dreams, perceive, visualise, inner eye, trance, sixth sense, intuition
  • I see the light and it guides my way.
  • I listen, I hear, I speak the truth.
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