Virtual Circle Monday ~ forgive yourself and set your soul free

     Welcome to Virtual Circle Monday. Each Monday I’ll post an exercise – sourcing inspiration from a variety of sources – to get your thinking about your spiritual path. Simply blog your answer to the question below and then add a direct link to your post in the comments, and I’ll put a link to your blog on this post.

This week, we’re drawing inspiration from Isha Lerner’s Triple Goddess Tarot.

Do everything with a mind that lets go.
Don’t accept praise, or gain, or anything else.
If you let go a little, you will have a little peace;
if you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace;
if you let go completely, you will have complete peace.

    –Ajahn Chah

Soul Message: As swimmers dare to lie face to the sky and water bears them, as hawks rest upon air and air sustains them, so would I learn to attain freefall, and float into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace, knowing no effort earns that all-surrounding grace. –Denise Levertov

Alchemy and Transformation: This card acts like a soothing balm, gently enticing you into the quiet caverns of your soul. At this stage of initiation, one’s sense of identity shifts from the small self—motivated by fear and the instinctual drive for physical survival—to the soul-spirit self that is characterized by unconditional love and an understanding that nothing of real value can ever be lost or taken away.

Awakening to the Archetype – Mother of Compassion: The Flame of surrender card invites you to part the veils of your own ego and extend yourself into the realm of the Great Mother of compassion who wishes to embrace you with Her warmth and protection. Free yourself from the confines of fear and doubt. Believe in the possibility of your own resurrection and enlightenment.

Everyday Encounters: On a personal level, living the essence of the Flame of Surrender requires great skill and willingness. It is not always easy to empty ourselves of false promises of safety and security and leap into the flames of the abyss. However, when this card is presented to you, it is without doubt your time to release something old, and free yourself from the ancient shackles of shame, fear, doubt, guilt, and denial. Forgive yourself, set your soul to the light, and rise up to reclaim your birthright.

What is it that you choose to release today?

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  1. Kathleen Rose says:

    I choose to release today the guilt that has incurred through speaking honestly to a friend. A dear friend whose reaction to that honesty was unexpected. The guilt and shame I feel because I didn’t find more compassionate words by which to share. The grief I feel, for possibly losing or damaging a phenomenal friendship. The regret I feel for having to speak honestly about a topic that really was none of my business. I choose to release and let go the pain I feel today so I can bring back my focus, my center and commence to live my day more in the present.

  2. Today I am letting go of my sense of security in my current job, and I am plunging into the abyss of a new job in a new environment. Now this may not sound like much, but I am 50 years old and the sense of security was comfortable if not extremely boring and slow. The abyss is a new busy job that I am hoping to find the stamina for and gives me the passion for working I used to feel. I am nervous about this. Kathleen, I will be facing a similar situation, I want to tell my friend to ease up on her grown up children and let go of the anger cause she is pushing them away, after reading your post, I will really think it through first.

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