What does spirituality mean to you?

My dear and wonderful friend in Toronto, Canada ~ Patti Allen ~ drew my attention today written about an article written about Soul Coaching and a fellow Soul Coach.

As I read the comments, to the article, I noticed that someone had posted saying they didn’t understand what spirituality was. And that got me to thinking.

I did some research and found that the Ohio State University, had a wonderful definition of spirituality.

They said that spirituality is not religion and is not even necessarily affiliated with religion. While the definition of spirituality is different for everyone, here are some common themes associated with spirituality:

  • The idea of a process or journey of self-discovery and of learning not only who you are, but who you want to be.
  • The challenge of reaching beyond your current limits. This can include keeping an open mind, questioning current beliefs, or trying to better understand others’ beliefs.
  • A connectedness to yourself and to others. Spirituality is personal, but it is also rooted in being connected with others and with the world around you. This connection can facilitate you finding “your place in the world.”
  • Meaning, purpose, and direction. Spirituality, while it doesn’t necessarily solve or reach conclusions, often embraces the concept of searching and moving forward in the direction of meaning, purpose, and direction for your life.
  • A higher power, whether rooted in a religion, nature, or some kind of unknown essence.

So I’m keen to know … what does spirituality mean to you? Please post your replies in the comments box.

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A Soul Coach and healer, Michelle is a sought-after speaker and consultant.

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Michelle serves as a mentor for Denise Linn's current on-line professional training courses, "Gateway Dreaming," and "Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification" program with Hay House.

Michelle was a contributing author in the award-winning spiritual anthology, Soul Whispers II (Soul Wings Press, Sydney), which was published in October 2010.

With a rich and varied background in the healing arts, marketing, public speaking and writing, Michelle is also a Chakradance™ practitioner (a dynamic, moving meditation to balance and harmonise the chakras.

Michelle runs a successful private practice using these tools to help people "rediscover the sacredness of their lives."


  1. Spirituality for me is what connects me with Source, i.e. the Creator and connects me in such a way that allows me to know that I am made of God-stuff. This spirituality also aligns a greater part of me, that I call Higher Self-heart and soul-with the smaller “personality” that I know as “me”. Spirituality is a process of connection that allows me to feel and be a part of the bigger picture of all life and reflects the interconnectedness of us all. So in a nutshell, spirituality is connecting to life’s mysteries. Thanks for asking Michelle!

  2. Spiritually means to me…. just being me..

  3. Spirituality, to me, is the living-knowing-experiencing of life as a Spirit having a human experience. Knowing that I was created with great love, from Source and all that I do is a learning experience for myself and Creator, with the intention of raising the vibration of humanity and Mother Earth. Religion doesn’t even factor into it….for me anyway. Spirituality is the truth & growing understanding that I choose to recognize, of my origins and how I came about being here on earth. This little light of mine – I gonna let it shine!

  4. To me, spirituality is kind of like the operating system of the computer and the different religions are programs through which you accomplish certain tasks on your computer. Without the operating system, you wouldn’t be able to use any of the programs. Without spirituality, none of the religions is successful at making one feel the divine as both transcendent and immanent, all around us and beyond our humanness, and within us animating our very being.

    The great mystics of the world, the Rumis and the St. Teresa of Avilas and the Thomas Mertons and the St. Francis of Assisis, they all had spirituality. The details of a particular religion were overlaid upon that but the bottom line was an aliveness in their relationship with God.

    I think in an ideal world, you don’t reject religion and just be “spiritual” without a framework, despite the religious abuse many of us have experienced in our childhoods because the social camaraderie of a church or synagogue or mosque provides community support for one’s spiritual life–and at the same time, many of us have known religious folks who have gotten rigid about the framework of religion and lost that plugged in spirituality, you use spirituality to power that religion and they mutually enhance one another.

    I am a Christian–not in some dogmatic way, but in a way that puts a framework around feeling beauty when contemplating Christ’s life at a Gethsemane vigil, one that feels an energetic shift and alignment when taking the sacrament of communion, one that feels alive in a church amid friends and alive in nature in solitude communing with the trees and squirrels…

    Religion furnishes a spiritual practice to develop one’s spirituality. Yes, it takes discipline. You pray or meditate or read sacred texts on a regular basis… and it transforms you because God is praying you, God is meditating you, God is speaking to you in those words…

    I am definitely open and what one would call “interspiritual”–but at the same time I very much experience my spirituality through what is called Christianity, but what I prefer to call the path of Jesus….

    Thank you.

  5. Bernadette Dodge says:

    Spirituality is each one living life out of our deepest core, which is a harbor of love, truth and bliss, and so bringing our sparkling, powerful being-ness into material form and community. LIke Spirit Herself, this living life out of our deepest core shows up in a billion variances, transforming and shifting from time to time as desired and needed within each context of individual and collective life.

  6. Spirituality is when you live a life full of motivation with the elements of love and happiness. It is how you entrust your faith and how you practice it.

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