When words become weapons

How often do we hurt someone just by not thinking before we speak. You know those times when we blurt something out without a thought to how it will affect the person we’re talking to.

One of our most misused forms of communication is speech. And while it can be used to express love and affection, it can also be used as a weapon, sometimes unwittingly.

While I was studying to become a Chakradance teacher, I learnt of a Buddhist precept known as wise speech.

Quite simply it states that before you have a conversation with someone ask yourself :

is it true?

is it kind?

is it necessary?

is it the right time?

Reflecting on these questions helps to align us with our truth. It makes us more aware of how we use our words.

So next time, think about your words before you have that conversation. Could you potentially hurt someone by what you have to say? Is it really necessary?

About Michelle

A Soul Coach and healer, Michelle is a sought-after speaker and consultant.

She is passionate about her Soul Coaching® practice where she helps burnt-out executives who have lost themselves to rediscover their passion for their lives.

Michelle serves as a mentor for Denise Linn's current on-line professional training courses, "Gateway Dreaming," and "Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification" program with Hay House.

Michelle was a contributing author in the award-winning spiritual anthology, Soul Whispers II (Soul Wings Press, Sydney), which was published in October 2010.

With a rich and varied background in the healing arts, marketing, public speaking and writing, Michelle is also a Chakradance™ practitioner (a dynamic, moving meditation to balance and harmonise the chakras.

Michelle runs a successful private practice using these tools to help people "rediscover the sacredness of their lives."

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